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Welcome to IQautos

You have spent hours online researching your next automobile purchase and it has led you here. A fair price is what sells cars. IQautos buys the same vehicles as the big dealers, we just sell ours for thousands less. We don't have the overhead of a large dealership, an approach that has been working for us since 1998. Visit a big dealer and look around. Take note of the number of employees, the building and the vast property it occupies, and try to imagine the profit required to cover their monthly expenses. That profit comes from their customers.

Now, consider buying the same pre-owned automobile from us and see how much you save. Buy with confidence; with customers from Alaska to Florida and from southern California to Maine, we have become a leading source for pre-owned BMW's, VOLVO's and other luxury brands.

We don't play games or employ pushy salesmen in plaid sport coats. Our business is offering honest descriptions, a friendly voice, and the most product knowledge anywhere. IQautos.com - The Intelligent Choice™


Customer Lobby

Take a look at our testimonials. You will find rave reviews from some or our happiest customers. This is great, but have you ever read a bad testimonial on a dealer's website? We haven't. IQautos feels that you should also read independent, non-biased reviews in addition to dealer provided testimonials. Check out the link to our Kudzu, Cars.com, and Google reviews below. IQautos won Kudzu's "Best of 2012" and "Best of 2013" awards for automobile dealers and our goal is for a "three-peat" in 2014. With our 3 day 100% money-back guarantee how could a customer not be happy?

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