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Pre-Owned Vehicles in Metro Atlanta, GA

You have spent hours online researching your next automobile purchase and it has led you here. A fair price is what sells cars. IQautos buys the same vehicles as the big dealers, we just sell ours for thousands less. We don't have the overhead of a large dealership and it’s an approach that has been working for us since 1998. Visit a big dealer and look around. Take note of the number of employees, the state-of-the-art building and the vast property it occupies, and try to imagine the profit required to cover their monthly expenses. That profit comes from their customers.

Now, consider buying the same pre-owned automobile from us and see how much you save. You can buy with confidence at IQautos in Metro Atlanta, GA. With customers from Alaska to Florida and from southern California to Maine, we have become a leading source for pre-owned BMW, Volvo and other luxury brand vehicles.

We don't play games or employ pushy salesmen in plaid sport coats. Our business is offering honest descriptions, a friendly voice and the most product knowledge anywhere. - The Intelligent Choice™

What Our Customers Are Saying

The one thing I needed most from doing business with IQ Autos was peace of mind that I was buying a reliable car and a hassle free buying experience. Matt Hayes at IQ Autos delivered on both my need for peace of mind and a hassle free buying experience by letting me drive as many cars as I wanted and showing me reputable finance service options like LGE CCU, and IBMSECU. I received the final assurance and peace of mind I needed to seal the deal when BMW performed my pre-purchase inspection and said their technician was very impressed with the condition of the car noting that the vehicle was indeed accident free, had substantial manufacturer warranty remaining, and was even running the latest version of computer code! Thank you Matt Hayes of IQ Autos for assisting me with my purchase of the reliable and economical 2014 BMW i3 with range extender, Giga World, park assist, and Harman Kardon surround audio system. I have been blown away by the differences between it and the 2015 Nissan Leaf I leased for two years. Although the Leaf is a respectable competitor to the i3 in technology, the build quality and technology in the i3 is nothing short of astounding!(1) The 7 second 0-60 acceleration(2), more honest range calculations, and my hitting the all electric 85 mile mark in one day of driving (a mark I never achieved in the  Leaf), unbelievable grip and handling(3), I am a very happy customer and would recommend IQ Autos to family, friends, and whomever is reading this post!1 BMW i3 Production videos (1 of 3) Car and Driver test results…3 you have read this far, check out the home charging options from the OpenEVSE project. If you want the safest, most affordable EVSE with the greatest number of features, click here:

Brad S.
Marietta, GA
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